Labor and Birth Support

Birth is the first and most significant life event that a mother experiences with her child and spouse or birth partner, one that will leave an indelible imprint. A mother may be surprised how, as the years pass and other memories fade, she will still be able to recount the details of these events. Not only will she be able to recall each part of the process, but she will also retain the emotional memory of the birth experience. Although birth is miraculous natural physical process, it can also be intense, and at times, unpredictable. Being as informed about pregnancy and as prepared as possible for the birth process will definitely have a positive impact the experience. However, it is still impossible to always be prepared for how a specific pregnancy and birth will unfold. That is why having a doula can really help.

“Doula" comes from an ancient Greek word that means “a woman who serves”. It is the term now used to refer to a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother and her partner during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. Recent studies have also shown that the type of caregiver makes a difference when it comes to the positive impact of continuous labor support. According to the 2011 studies published by the Cochrane Library, when compared with women who did not have continuous support, woman who used labor support companions who were not part of a the laboring woman’s family or social network or a part of the hospital staff were:

Childbirth & Postnatal Facilitator (Doula) Pricing:

  • Standard Doula Service - $ 1,000
  • Repeat Client Doula Service - $650 (includes 1 prenatal visit, birth support and 1-2 postpartum visits)

* Ability to file for personal reimbursement with your health insurance for services, and/or sliding scale service pricing available based on need

Additional Discounted Massage Services:

  • $ 70 – Prenatal massage ($85 for massage in home)
  • $190 – 3 Prenatal massages package ($240/pkg for massages in home)
  • $315 – 5 Prenatal massages package ($385/pkg for massages in home)

* For clients outside the greater Nashville area, an additional $50 is added to Doula services, for additional transportation expenses, only if determined to be needed

Path To Parenting Childbirth & Postnatal Facilitation and Support - Description of Services:

  1. 2 (or 3) Private HOME VISITS at client’s home (OR if offered at the time, the option to instead attend a 5 week group class):
    • he Path to Parenting Class is unique approach to childbirth preparation that focuses on helping you discover your individual birth and parenting personality, assisting you in formulating your personal path to birth, and educating you as you become a prepared, empowered and conscious parent.
    • A home visit typically lasts 1 ½ - 2 hours, with a different birth preparation focus area for each visit (utilizing the class material)
  2. TWO POSTPARTUM VISITS (a 3rd visit if needed)
    • The supplies Facilitator brings include: birth ball, heating/cooling pad, essential oil mist, massage oil, music, and remedies for nausea or indigestion
    • Facilitator also has a portable Doppler to check baby’s heart rate, blood pressure cuff and thermometer to assist in monitoring while laboring at the home.
    • Facilitator can also assist with taking pictures/video during labor and immediately following delivery, communicating with family members/friends in the waiting area, etc.
    • Ability to monitor fetal heart rate and maternal blood pressure at home, to assist in determining when to go to the hospital or call the midwife.
    • Other supplies I provide to assist at the birth include: birth ball, heating/cooling pad, essential oil mist, massage oil, music, teas or ginger for nausea, etc.
    • Providing therapeutic massage when needed or wanted.
    • Ability to assist with taking pictures, communicating with family members/friends in the waiting area, etc.
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