about Joy Shaw

Joy ShawJoy Shaw graduated from Mind Body Institute in 2011, with a degree in Massage Therapy. She received her Reiki I and II Certification in 2006 and her Doula training in 2007, from B.A.B.Y., Inc. As a mother of 3 amazing daughters, with a natural inclination towards nurturing and caretaking, Joy finds purpose and enjoyment in being a facilitator and encourager of the body's natural healing processes. Motherhood has been the root of her inspiration to pursue Doula training and later a degree in massage therapy.

It was in 1999, during her first pregnancy, that she felt the beginnings of what would eventually become a passion for pre-natal care and birth support. Ever a seeker of information and understanding, through each of her pregnancies Joy began to educate herself, and the things she learned shaped the way she came to view birth and how she planned her own births. With her second pregnancy, her knowledge grew as did her confidence in the wisdom of the body to function as it should, if freed and allowed to do so. It was after the birth of her third daughter, that she knew she wanted to be able to help empower and support other women, so they could have peaceful and fulfilling birth experiences as she had.

Over the years, Joy has sought out ways to take the best care of her children and herself. While struggling with some of her own physical and health issues, that were at times life threatening, she personally experienced the many ways that massage therapy supported personal wellness and aided in physical, psychological, and often even emotional healing. Massage therapy was a big part of her recovery, and still supports her health today, so it seemed only natural to Joy that she become a massage therapist herself.

In addition to fostering relaxation and wellness through massage therapy, Joy also tries to help her clients by being familiar with the many of the physical challenges presented by their various lifestyles and finding ways to help them stay informed about their bodies and how to keep them functioning with more efficiency and ease.

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